JerseyCTF Landing Page
When: April 9-10th, 2022
Where: Online via Discord!

 *Discord link emailed upon registration.

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Thank you to everyone who participated. See you back in 2023!



Michael Geraghty

CISO, State of New Jersey & Director | NJCCIC

Jon Taylor

Senior Security Manager and Principal Consultant | Accenture

Brian Herron

Supervisory Special Agent | FBI

Kevin McKenzie

Cyber Security Analyst | NJCCIC

Max Saltonstall

(Pre-Recorded) IT Technical Director | Google

Donnie Rodgers

Dynamic Site Security Analyst | PlainDilemma

Debbi Blyth

(Pre-Recorded) Executive Public Sector Strategist | CrowdStrike

Mike "Pinky" Thompson

Incident Response Team Lead | FRSecure

Pat Rucker

Named Account Manager | Palo Alto Networks

Jermaine Bethune

System Engineer | Palo Alto Networks

Joe Kim

CTO/EVP of Engineering | Squadra Solutions



What is JerseyCTF?

JerseyCTF is a beginner-friendly Capture the Flag competition that aims to inspire interest in cybersecurity. Hosted by the NJIT ACM organization and NJIT SCI program, it is geared towards students, beginners, and professionals alike. JerseyCTF provides participants with jeopardy-style questions in categories including cryptography, forensics, binary exploitation/reversing, open-source intelligence, and web exploitation. JerseyCTF features a track parallel to the CTF competition, consisting of presentations and panels with renowned speakers from industry and government.

Who can sign up to compete?

Students, beginners, and professionals are all welcome to compete as long as they are over the age of 18.

What do I need to compete?

All you need is an Internet-connected device in order to compete. It is completely optional if you want to use ethical hacking/penetration testing Linux distributions like Kali or Parrot OS, but these may help you since there are many pre-installed tools. These distributions are open-source and can be deployed in VMware, VirtualBox, or any other virtualization software.

Will there be prizes?

Yes! There are 2 leaderboard divisions: Student and Open. Prizes will be awarded in both divisions for top scoring teams and participants residing in the United States will receive a complimentary JerseyCTF t-shirt.

How big is JerseyCTF?

JerseyCTF had over 600 registrations in 2021, the first year of the competition. We are looking forward to welcoming more registrants and participants in 2022!

Do I have to pay to compete in JerseyCTF?

Nope, there's no fee to sign up or to attend!

Do I have to register as a team?

No! You're welcome to register with your friends and compete with a team of up to 4 people, but you can also register by yourself or find a team in the Discord server.

You guys haven't answered my question!

Feel free to email us any additional questions and concerns at


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